Presented SoC Exynos 9820 — based for smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung has introduced a single-chip system Exynos 9820, which will be the basis of the next flagship models of the manufacturer.

The novelty will be produced according to the process 8 nm (8nm LPP). Why not 7-nm? Samsung did not explain, but you need to understand that today these figures are quite arbitrary. For example, the process 16, 14 and 12 nm are very similar and are not “different stages”. Here the same situation: at least 7 nm, at least 8 nm, it is unlikely there is a big difference.

Went on. The new platform has got OCTA-core processor. It includes four Cortex-A55, dual core Cortex-A75 and the two most productive core of its own design Samsung. Previously, the company was called core Mongoose, but in the press release, this name is not found. The company promises a 15-20% performance gain or the improvement of energy efficiency by 40% compared to Exynos 9810.

Now GPU Mali-G76 MP12, which should be 40% faster or 35% more energy-efficient. Also Exynos 9820 — first platform Samsung unit NPU for work with artificial intelligence.

But modem 5G platform no. Does the modem LTE Cat.20 with download speeds up to 2 Gbit/s. Samsung highlights the ability of new items to encode and decode 8K video up to 30 fps, 4K video — at 150 fps, support for 4K screens and memory support UFS 3.0 and LPDDR4X.

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