Presented OnePlus 7T Pro. And, actually, why?

A characteristic feature of the Chinese smartphone manufacturers — a wide range. They are ready to crush the same smartphone, releasing its improved and simplified modification with a slightly changed index name. That is strange, most likely an attempt to take the number of fires and creating among consumers a sense of choice, provokes an increase in demand. On the background of the OnePlus for some time looked like the black sheep, but in the end gave up and also started to rivet the same smartphones, changing their names only the letters.

OnePlus 7T Pro — almost a complete copy of the OnePlus 7 Pro

Today, OnePlus has introduced its new flagship — OnePlus 7T Pro. The novelty became the second office of the company belonging to the series of 7T, but as for me, the manufacturer could limit it to one model — so minor turned out to be an upgrade. If OnePlus 7 Pro really was an independent smartphone, which look place in the market not accounted for even in the presence of 7 OnePlus, then OnePlus 7T Pro is the device is released from the principle of “to be”.

Harakteristiki OnePlus 7T Pro

The Chinese have really learned to make better smartphones than Apple

Inside the OnePlus 7T Pro is almost identical to the OnePlus 7T, which came out a couple weeks ago. The heart of the smartphone is the same Snapdragon 855+, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. But the battery though upgraded, but frankly not enough to even mention. Its capacity was increased to 4085 mAh vs 3800 mAh OnePlus at 7T. So count on a measurable increase in the autonomy of the I would not. The best that you can hope for is an additional 20-30 minutes, given the increased diagonal display. But charged it really quickly. According to OnePlus, thanks to the support of technology WARP Charge OnePlus 30T 7T Pro charged 23% faster than the OnePlus 7 Pro.

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Speaking of the display. He was the same as that of OnePlus 7 Pro. The same is 6.7 inch, the same refresh rate is 90 Hz, the same dynamic range of DCI-P3. Even the front camera remained the same and in the same place. Anyway, at some point, I even thought if I put in the description of the new text that we wrote about the OnePlus 7 Pro, editor-in-chief won’t even notice. Another thing is that my grafomanskie debt simply does not allow me to pass by and not pomusolit this topic again.

Than OnePlus OnePlus differs from 7T 7T Pro

OnePlus 7T is Pro not like the OnePlus 7T, and it’s weird

But if OnePlus 7T looked different from 7 is quite significant OnePlus, OnePlus 7T Pro for some reason decided to make a full copy of 7 Pro that is OnePlus, which belongs to the previous generation. For me, it remains a perfect mystery why the camera OnePlus 7T Pro it was impossible to draw in the same style as that of OnePlus 7T, the more that their characteristics are identical. Round head with three eyes lenses, of course, looks are frankly so-so, but as a distinctive feature of the smartphones of the new generation might be amiss. However, the decision designers OnePlus to bet on the former design of the camera gives hope that they realized how disgusting it looks from behind OnePlus 7T.

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In the sale of OnePlus 7T Pro will arrive on October 17. Start selling it in several countries at a price of about $ 680 for the basic version. And here to Russia the machine will get immediately. In any case, we would not advise to wait for him before in the new year. But then to call it the bargain of the century it will likely still be impossible. Because of the peculiarities of the conversion to your local currency and all of the tax deductions, which will fall on the manufacturer, we have the OnePlus 7T Pro will probably be estimated at approximately 55 thousand rubles.

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