Presented foldable smartphone that bent in two places

Though not the most successful start of the first foldable smartphone from Samsung in the face of the Galaxy Fold, a review of the first batch and re is not the successful start, as well as complete uncertainty of what will represent Huawei Mate X,, many companies do not get tired to hope about a cloudless future for new technology and are very interesting gadgets. For example, literally just engineers TCL Corporation (a well-known Chinese manufacturer of the most diverse engineering) presented a smartphone that has not one, but two inflection points.

This is something new!

The gadget does not yet have a definitive name, and as emphasized in TCL is only a prototype of the future device. In the folded position the smartphone from TCL takes the form of the Latin letter S. in this case, on the rear surface in the folded state is located as much as 4 cameras (but their resolution we, alas, are not reported). It is also alleged that you can choose how to use the mobile — to “maximally folded” form you will be available to only a third of the working space, it seems that the experience of using your everyday smartphone.

When folded, the smartphone is quite thick. But let’s not forget that this is only a prototype

You can also put a “fold” and get a mini-tablet, one of the parts which can be used as a keyboard. Well, if you “expand” another element, then you’ll have a full 10-inch panel. The technology used in the smartphone-transformer was named DragonHinge. We would like to imagine this unusual smartphone? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

Almost laptop pocket

TCL does not yet share details about this very unusual smartphone. In addition to the four major chambers will in the presence and one front, USB Type-C connector for charging and PC synchronization, but a 3.5 mm headphone Jack will not be accurate. This means that the rate will be made on wireless interfaces (but will wireless charging is not clear) that one side is pretty good. All other features like processor, amount of RAM and physical memory are not yet available. As unknown and the price of the device and its release date.

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But do not forget about a couple of interesting facts: first, TCL in February of this year, said that working on a foldable smartphone and will soon introduce it to the public. It was argued that the gadget is “not similar to what is on the market.” And that, judging by what we see, do and so it proved.

Already available on the market the machine from TCL. Although he has a familiar form, “books”, experience in manufacturing such devices the Chinese have

However, did the representatives of TCL and another statement that they are going to release their first folding smartphone in 2020. And if you consider the fact that while about folding gadgets TCL adheres to the plan, next year the second iteration of the Galaxy Fold, clamshell from Razеr and Huawei Mate X may appear very serious competitor. So the near future may not be for foldable smartphones, but to observe the “battle” in this field will, at least, very, very interesting. Subscribe usto watch out for fresh “news from the field”.

Foldable smartphones have a lot of elements that makes them flexible. And the screens in fact are plastic, which on the one hand allows them to bend, and the other affects the same color. Plus, experts agree that smartphones with flexible screens will have a shorter life cycle than existing devices, which, in fact, confirmed the Galaxy Fold. Well, the excessive thickness of the body (especially when folded) the advantages can not be attributed. Also do not forget that the big screen requires more energy to power. And while the producers will not solve at least these problems (and also not to reduce the cost of foldable smartphones), the occurrence of another revolution can only dream.

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