Prepare the popcorn: the hacker has promised to carry out the attack 51 percent live

Attack 51% is one of the most serious threats to the coins. Still the hackers managed to carry out 10 such operations and they acted covertly. However, now the criminals have decided to act openly. An anonymous hacker has promised to live to crack the network of Einsteinium coin (EMC2).

To conduct live broadcasts of break-in decided hacker under the nickname piracy1 — stream will take place on 13 October at 3:00 CDT (11:00 Moscow time). To see you here.

During the attack 51% attacker takes control of hasraton specific coins, and then uses that advantage to double spend transactions — that is, pays the same coin to two different transactions. In the first three months of 2018, attack, 51 percent were exposed to Bitcoin Gold and Verge, and the last hackers managed to crack twice.

In his statement piracy1 said that he wanted to attack for two reasons. First, he wants to show that such attacks are available to each more or less experienced hacker. The second reason sounds very strange. The programmer intends to help security personnel cryptocurrency startups to understand how 51% attacks and minimize the damage from it.

The choice of EMC2 the aim of the attack, the hacker explained that the market is unlikely to find a second equally unprotected altcon. This year coin is in third place among the worst assets on the market — its rate is compared to the maximum value at the end of last year fell by 97 percent.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Assessment Bitcoin.comprofit from attacking EMC2 will be minimal/ “it proves that the hacker is not trying to derive personal benefit, and may really wants to help professionals of security. We can only hope that his intentions are truly good.

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