Prepare for tears: JP Morgan is waiting for the fall of Bitcoin to 1260 dollars

It’s time to add to the list of bearish forecasts another news. This time in the role of skeptics was made by JP Morgan analysts. According to them, Bitcoin will fall to $ 1,260 in the next couple of years. While the global financial system will not make anything useful of blockchain technology.

It seems that bankers still fear are innovations in Finance. This attitude will not change in the next five years — to Bitcoins and Aldona are still treated with mistrust, which will negatively affect the growth of digital assets.

When Bitcoin will bottom

The experts one of the most famous investment banks of the world think that the real value of crypt is still not proven. Cryptomnesia supposedly “draw implausible situation” in which the world’s major investors had to abandon the gold and US dollar.

Even in such extreme scenarios, like a recession or a new global crisis, there are more liquid instruments for the transfer, investment and hedging values.

Analysts also noted that over the past six months institutional investors have lost much of its interest in the stock market. At the moment a large part of the industry support the individual investors.

Source: Reddit

The use of Bitcoin as a means of payment, too, remains “difficult”, as JP Morgan was unable to find any large enterprise, which is now freely took digital assets. If the bear market will last for a long time, and he has the potential to become a record in the history of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency has the potential to fall up to 1260 dollars.

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