Premature failure: users Pornhub estimated payments in bitcoin

One of the main world streaming porn, Ponhub, reported on the results of the implementation of the functions of the subscription premium version of your website using the cryptocurrency. The results are disappointing — only 1 percent of users were using and bought a subscription for the coins, writes the Ethereum World News.

The company’s management expects that users will be interested in the opportunity to shop on the website with the help of digital money — such a method would ensure the anonymity of payments and has not allowed banks to track transactions. In addition, Pornhub hoped to attract new customers who are passionate about new technologies.

However, all these hopes were not justified — only 800 thousand users of the website with an audience of 80 million people a day paid in Tron, Verge or ZenCash.

In the near future, we expect wider distribution of cryptocurrencies and the technologies based on the blockchain.

Does this mean that Pornhub does not intend to abandon payments in bitcoin — is unclear.

Pornhub was allowed to pay a subscription for the premium version of the website digital money in April. Then the company released a video in which was shown the conversation between the grandfather and the grandson in 2077. According to a senior party, it was a porn site at the time, changed the industry and gave her the impetus to development.

History has proven that the adult entertainment industry plays a very important role in the adaptation of innovative technologies. We saw proof of this theory with the VHS, Beta Max, online payments via credit card and VR glasses.

Let’s hope that in the future, Pornhub and other major projects will be able to interest the users to pay content cryptocurrency. Then the use of digital money will grow, and with them will rise and the exchange rates of cryptocurrencies. In this context, we have corporations with common interests.


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