Pre-orders on the HomePod in the first day of the plan most of the competitors

Apple HomePod 2

HomePod is to try the Apple TV first in the market of smart speakers, but it seems that this first attempt will be enough for Apple to find a strong foothold in this market, the UFC recently. According to a new report recently released from an institution NPD specialized in market research, has found, based on the findings that the pre-orders on the speaker smart HomePod on the first day of the United States of America managed to overcome most of the competitors.

We say ” most ” because if there’s one device I didn’t change it Apple, it’s a device to Amazon Echo Dot. This is not surprising given the fact that the Amazon Echo Dot is much cheaper than your HomePod, but it’s not a fair comparison because both devices are aimed at different categories of users.

With HomePod, the Apple is targeting users who are more interested in sound quality, while targeting the Amazon with the Amazon Echo Dot users who want a digital assistant in a small package at a reasonable price. However, this report talks about the extent of the successes achieved by both devices currently, and a previous report has indicated that the market share of the woofer smart HomePod amount of about 3%.

This is far from the market share speakers Amazon Echo-old 55% with the knowledge that Google Inc is also advanced about Apple’s big lead thanks to a market share of 23%. However, it is possible with the passage of time to see the HomePod catch up with the competition, but we have to wait and see.


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