PowerMac G5 (Early 2005)

It was the same model as in June 2004, but consumers powerful Macs were not disappointed: her options are more powerful, shared standard optical drive was 4x double-layer SuperDrive, and the prices remained the same. The model was the same, because she had the same ID (PowerMac7,3), and its variants are almost not differed from the variants from six months ago. She didn’t have code names. That someone from the technical managers fired Steve obscene code name of the project Q77 I don’t believe. Contrary to what’s written about him, he was a smart and adequate person.

Announced the new PowerMac G5 was the last day of January 2005, simultaneously with the PowerBook G4 (Early 2005).

As in the previous generation, PowerMac7,3, in the most powerful variant to pacify the heat paired CPU, overclocked to the limit for that frequency (2.7 GHz), it used liquid cooling. It was still quite a bit of time and reasons to doubt the veracity of Apple, promised that the cooling system long life… some computers with this system, in two years, started… leaking.

As of February 1, in the line PowerMac G5 was listed 4 models. About one of them PowerMac G5/a 1.8 SP (Late 2004), we talked last time, it has not changed.

I was told a few years ago: it was an experimental (!) model, the purpose of the experiment was to find out: I wonder whether the market is cheap (1 $ 499) computers in the case of alloy anodized aluminum “cheese grater” front?

The model was recognized (external experts) one of the most unsuccessful models of Apple after the return of Steve, one of the most-most. But the experts Apple was different: “these models are the market is not interesting.” It sold poorly. The rejection of the housings form factor PowerMac G5/MacPro was justified by research results. Most of these studies – but it is the opinion of a man who worked at Apple, but to the group of PowerMac/MacPro had no relationship (although it could hear)…

This is a continuation of a series about the PowerMac G5, the previous parts:

The first part: the omega Project (PowerMac G5);
Second part: Draft Viagra (PowerMac G5, June 2004).

PowerMac G5 (Early 2005) – General data

In all variants of the second generation model PowerMac7,3 used PowerPC 970fx processor, and North bridge designed by engineers microprocessor group Apple CPC925. Because IBM CPC925 was produced (technology of 0.13 µm), trademark owned by IBM. Apple did not mention the name of this chip, but just in case, registered its own designation – (U3 and U3H, with ECC option for Xserve G5).

This bridge has consumed energy and allocated to the heat perhaps in larger quantities than the processor, but if you will read that Apple never used a G5 in a PowerBook because of this, do not believe: the U3 was designed to work with one or two PowerPC 970 or PowerPC 970fx table professional computers.

For PowerBook G5 was developed U3Lite, but in June 2005 the project was closed.

U3 meant that the clock frequency of frontal system bus is equal to half the clock frequency of the processor. The most powerful version of the January PowerMac’s, like, back was a computer with the highest clock rate of a bus system in the world.

The base package of all variants included 512 Megabytes of RAM, PC3200 DDR.

All variants used a 4x DL SuperDrive (DL SD). DL is Double Layer. Two-ply. DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW. To connect DL SD was used UltraATA/100, for connection of hard drives – SATA 1.5 Gigabit/s.

Communication ports and their location on the body was standard for Macs with the “cheese grater” on “the radiator”.

It Ethernet 10/100/100Base-T, 3 USB 2.0, 2 Firewire 400, 1 Firewire 800.

Built-in modem (56k V. 92).

And a slot for AirPort and Bluetooth was that you could fill in our online shop, for your, of course, expense. Or buy later and install yourself. I would rather DL SD purchased a computer with them. However, they cost not very expensive.

The second generation of the PowerMac7,3 is supplied with Mac OS 10.4 “Tiger” included.

And worked with all versions of Mac OS X that support the PPC architecture, that is, until 10.5.8.

PowerMac G5 (Early 2005) – variants

The options were three, they differed in the first place, a clock frequency of the dual processor (the 2.0, 2.3 and 2.7 GHz), and, accordingly, clock front system bus (1,0, 1,15 and 1,35 GHz).

In Geekbench 2 the options were scored 1 734, 1 and 2 967 259 points, and cost 1 999, 2 2 499 and $ 999.

In the embodiment with a clock frequency of 2.0 GHz was only 4 slots for installing RAM, so the maximum possible, its volume is 4 Gigabytes. In those days it was “through the roof,” I can’t believe.

In computers with PowerPC 970 memory chips must be installed in pairs of equal amount, or “reduced productivity”. Experience: including to zero. Accidentally tried. Basic kit consisted of two chips of 256 MB.

The basic kit option – the disk capacity 160 GB (7 200 rpm).

3 PCI slots.

Video card ATI Radeon 9600 (8x AGP) with 128 MB of video memory. The resolution on the primary and secondary monitors at 1920×1200.

In the variant with 2.3 GHz number of slots for mounting memory was 8, and its maximum volume was 8 GB.

Disk capacity is 250 GB (7 200 rpm).

3 slot PCI-X.

Video card ATI Radeon 9600 (8x AGP) with 128 MB of video memory. The resolution on the primary and secondary monitors at 1920×1200. Exactly the same as the PowerMac G5/2,0 DP (Early 2005).

In the embodiment with a clock frequency of 2.7 GHz and with liquid cooling (which a year or two withstood without problems, and after a year had expired the warranty period), memory slot was 8, the maximum volume of 8 Gigabytes, the disk 250 GB (7 200 rpm), 3 PCI-X and…

Video card: ATI Radeon 9650 (AGP 8x) c 256 MB of video memory. The resolution on the main display is 2560 x 1600. The main display could be Apple Cinema Display 30”. The diagonal of 30 inches is 76.2 per cm, But in extra – 1920×1200.

However, for those who need to connect two Apple Cinema Display 30”, and is willing to pay for them, for a small fee was offered another video card – NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL, which made it possible.

To be continued

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