Power bank post a father with a USB-C of the Plex

Constitutes a power bank post AB Boost Up 20K from Belkin Belkin a suitable option quite a holiday gift or graduation, they can be presented to friends or family members, which comes with a link to charging a USB-C charging different devices available during development.

Comes Power Bank high capacity of Plex in black matte, which is specifically designed to charge devices with USB port-C, which include MacBook and MacBook, the iPad Pro iPad Pro, iPad iPad, and iPhone iPhone, a set of Nintendo Nintendo Switch, and uses Pro from Microsoft the Surface Pro.

Supports USB hub-C attached to the Charger Charging technology USB Power Delivery 2.0 capacity 30 watts to charge any USB device-C quickly, as well as recharge the power bank itself with energy.

It seems that the solution from the Plex process of charging, with an easy-carry packaging, and also includes a USB-A additional allows shipment of old devices in a faster manner.

The users of the problem of finding a suitable place to charge your MacBook, and iPhone at the same time, as well as the problem of carrying multiple connections, in accordance with Fouad Meyer, director of the Department of sales have Plex Middle East and Africa, who said: depends power bank post AB 20K from the Plex with a USB-C is an elegant solution and easy packing, making it a wonderful gift for Eid and graduation.

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And power bank working ability 20100 Ma the question of the supply of the hardware card is abundant, it can extend your MacBook up to 28 hours of additional energy, to make it suitable for use for long periods, or show a number of films cascading in external sites.

And enjoy card shipping from Plex worldwide reputation in the field of safety, and include sensors to monitor temperature, voltages, electronic circuits, and prevent any overgrowth in the heat of the power bank damaging it.

The excess heat, or voltage fluctuations, or distortions in the electronic circuit to energize the breaker stop the battery immediately from the work, in order to ensure the highest level of safety.

Pat power bank post AB 20K of Plex with the link attached USB-C is available in all leading electronics retailers and over the internet, such as Virgin Megastore, and at the price proposed capacity of 299 AED.

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