Postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold in China because of the problems of the newly discovered


As some of you have heard probably, has faced the Galaxy Fold folding some of the problems after the audit had found that the screen of this phone suffers from some problems. This is definitely not a good start for the company, especially if we take into account that the phone cost around 2000$. Now, it seems that Samsung decided to postpone the launch of the phone to address these problems.

This is according to a tweet from the Chinese warrior famous Ice Universe, which he said he has been to postpone the event two phone Galaxy Fold in China. Called Samsung they were having problems in one of the places, but it seems that the postponement of the event is somewhat questionable.

Why Samsung offers any additional comment, but it has been speculate that the delay may be to allow for Samsung to make some changes to the phone box. In the past, the problem faced by reviewers is that some of they accidentally remove the protective layer on the screens of their phones, thinking they were just protective of the company.

Samsung released since then a statement on this matter and indicated that they will make some changes to ensure the delivery of this information to their customers better, which may explain the postponement of the phone because Samsung will need to change the items inside the box.

Note that this alleged delay applies to China only and it is not clear whether it will affect other parts of the world.


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