Postpone the launch of the feature ” Scoped Storage ” after her debut with Android Q demo

Galaxy S10e ---

Android Q A new from Google brought a new feature called ” Scoped Storage “. Were included this feature for the first time in Android with Android Q, which basically says change the way you interact app with a memory storage device. Basically, with the ” Scoped Storage“, it will be for each application of the ” Protection Fund | Sandbox ” where you can manage data and storage. In turn, the applications on the Protection Fund and will not have access to other parts of the memory storage your.

In their current state, cause the feature of ” Scoped Storage ” in some problems for users of the second beta version of Android Q. and the applications installed on the first beta version just fine in compatibility mode, which does not impose restrictions memory storage. Once the second beta version, was Android the memory storage surveillance ( Scoped Storage ) in all cases, causing the application crashes and if they are removed and re-installed.

The company asked Google of all the developers use interface latest application programming API in their apps before the launch of the official version of the Android Q, but this deadline is very close, and will not the vast majority of developers update their apps before that time. For this reason, I decided to Google company’s commitment to the slow adoption of this feature.

Will move to Scoped Storage gradually, instead. Will need developers to rely on the API to the new API in their apps over the next year so they will be ready by the launch date of the Android system R. It should be noted that the feature is Scoped Storage lets applications run without the need to get powers in the beginning and maintain the safety of user data. We are pleased to see Android take additional steps to protect users ‘ data.


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