Posters up finally to the fact students

This topic posters up finally to the fact students appeared on Engadget.

After selecting the feature labels on the application WhatsApp in the month of last July, I’ve been asking this feature already in the beta version of WhatsApp on Android system. To access this feature, you can click the button to the Emoji next to the text box and choose the option label next to the GIF download package the stickers that you want, you can also check the package labels or add them to your favorites when someone sends a sticker.

The application WhatsApp is currently the 12 pack stickers can be added by clicking on the “+” list of labels, which include:

  • Cuppy from Minseung Song.
  • Salty from Alisa Kryzhanovska.
  • Komo from Sanat Rath.
  • Bibimbap Friends of Pete Ellison.
  • Unchi & Rollie of nu1t.
  • Shiba Inu from Aiko Kuninoi.
  • The Maladroits of Cole Ott.
  • Koko of Hanasake Picture Inc.
  • Fearless and Fabulous by Ann Shen.
  • Banana of Jayde Fish.
  • Biscuit from Ghostbot.
  • Hatch of the Hatch.

It is also said that WhatsApp is working on stickers animated in the future and the option to create a package special stickers to users. When you click on the “get more stickers”, you are taken to Google Play Store where you can install the stickers from the external, but not circulated posters such as what you do own stickers was.

Available stickers WhatsApp currently to users of the demo version of the Android system (version v2.18.329 or later), will be the users of the iOS version of v2.18.100 on this feature gradually, but some say you need to re-installation to get the water.


This topic posters up finally to the fact students appeared on Engadget.

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