Posted image save the note Apple iPad mini 5 expected to be announced in the beginning of next year

Suggest some expectations that the device Apple iPad mini 5 will be formally unveiled in early 2019, and today I spotted a photo portfolio shared it back for your iPad associated with.


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The Slasheaks posted a photo leaked on Twitter portfolio for Tablet Apple iPad mini 5, which illustrate some of the specifications of the device, where the rear camera comes in the design of a rectangular head which is similar to the configuration of the camera of iPad Pro new, is expected to come with a flash with the rear camera, as the image of the clipboard to that rear microphone was moved to the center of the device.

As for Port jack for headphones it is difficult to know or distinguish its place exactly, but the picture turned out fairly that this product will be in the top-right corner of the device, i.e. the top left looking at the device from the front, the UTC for the device Apple iPad mini 5 is expected to be available at a price of 300$.


I know of

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