Portable gaming device SMACH Z will enter production phase finally in early next year


When it comes to portable gaming, Nintendo is the most popular company in this market thanks to devices like the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, despite the fact that our smart phones is also doing a good job in giving us the opportunity to run the games during development. However, next year we may get a new immune system called SMACH Z which decides now to enter into production early next year.

And for those who heard about your SMACH Z for the first time, it was this machine exists since several years, but that was in the platform of financing projects emerging which used to require developers of this device to gather the necessary funds for its development and production. I proved funding campaigns success so far, and that’s what prompted the team that oversees the task of developing this device is to announce that he will enter the SMACH Z into production in the first quarter of next year.

What makes your SMACH Z unique is the fact that it will put the processor core AMD Ryzen, processor and graphics AMD Radeon Vega 8, which makes it very strong. Moreover, it also includes Ram double the size of 8GB and the type of DDR4 memory, the internal memory size of 256GB, as well as a screen size of 6 inches and accurately FullHD. Sadly, this device won’t be cheap at all, it will be more than a thousand USD, but considering the extent of his power, it looks like Put computer games in your hands.

However, there is currently no information about the launch date of the device to customers, but given that this device will enter production phase in the first quarter of next year, we hope to be available in the same year also.


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