Porsche officially confirmed its plans to launch the electric version of its successful policy Porsche Macan


Is Macan one of the SUV best sellers in the lineup Porsche. And stated that, the company will Porsche make a substantial change to the next style of this car is to give customers the option of getting the electric version of this car. The company said Porsche it will work on to make the next version of the car Porsche Macan fully electric which will make it the first SUV built entirely by electricity.

The company sold the Porsche more than 90 thousand units of the car Porsche Macan in the last year was undoubtedly the policy of the company’s bestsellers. One of the reasons that made this car very popular is its initial price of $ 48 thousand USD making it much cheaper than the majority of cars Porsche. It’s gonna take some time before the launch of the electric version of this car, the company Porsche it will enter a stage of production in ” early next decade “.

Porsche is no stranger to the electric car segment. The car will Posrche Macan new is in fact the third electric car from this German company in the modern auto industry, by detects Porsche Taycan and Porsche Cross Turismo. It is scheduled to enter the car first came into production in 2019, when will the second car into production in 2020.

Company will Porsche to manufacture this electric car at its plant in Leipzig, which is transformed into a factory for the manufacture of electric cars. I didn’t reveal to us the company Porsche even now for any technical information, so we still don’t know the extent to which it will be able to cut before needing a recharge. It is clear that there is also no information about the price.

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