Porsche and Boeing collaborate to build electric cars airplane for the wealthy

Porsche and Boeing collaborate to build electric cars airplane for the wealthy

Announced (Porsche) Porsche, and the(Boeing) Boeing on Thursday signed a new partnership agreement to build a car powered electric aircraft and and land vertically, but the wave for the wealthy seeking a quick means of transportation in crowded cities.

The two companies said in a statement shared: “signed Porsche, Boeing memorandum of understanding to explore market development and urban luxury, and to expand traffic in the urban areas to the airspace”. They: “this partnership will benefit the two companies of the strengths and insights unique in the market study the future of vehicle development and my personal urban luxury”.

And the two companies of the German and American the latest companies announcing their intentions to explore the market development and the urban risky and dangerous.

Porsche and Boeing collaborate to build electric cars airplane for the wealthy

Signed by Porsche, Boeing memorandum of understanding non-exclusive, which means that they will look for ways to work together, but they were not bound by the convention are binding. As part of the partnership, saying the two companies were “the team internationally to address various aspects of air pollution in urban areas, including an analysis of the potential of the market luxury vehicles and use cases possible”.

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It is noted that there are many companies interested in establishing a network of electric taxi the plane allegedly seeks to empower people of all income levels of ticket purchase. But given the costs associated with the establishment of infrastructure to support aircraft vertical takeoff and landing electric, including landing pads and cargo, it seems clear that these cars will shop for the very wealthy, at least initially.

Will work Porsche, Boeing, Inc. (Aurora Flight Sciences) Aurora Flight Sciences – a subsidiary of Boeing – to develop flying cars luxury electric, able to fly through cities. I have worked (Aurora) hard in the first test airplane electric self-driving. Earlier this year, took off the car is huge vertically, extends for a few seconds, then landed in the site tests the company in Manassas, Virginia. Said Boeing: the flight the future will tell the aircraft that charge then fly mounted on the two wings, as well as vertical flight.

Referred to Boeing is not the only among the Giants of aviation to express an interest in aviation supply. Last year, the company introduced the (Airbus) Airbus aircraft Vahana eVTOL in flight test is very similar to a plane Boeing. But unlike Boeing, is planning to Airbus to launch a network of their own taxi.

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