Porsche and BMW unveil the charger for electric cars adds 100 kilometers in just three minutes


One of the cons of using electric cars is the need to use special charger unlike regular cars that can be refueled at gas stations that you can easily find them. Moreover, the electric vehicles takes a lot of time before being recharged, unlike conventional cars that do not use the process of refuelling only a few minutes.

Fortunately the manufacturers of electric vehicles such as Tesla are working on modern technologies to help improve the speed of the shipping, but it seems that Porsche and BMW may have won on the company Tesla. Has offered to each of the two companies in recent times, a new model for the new electric in Germany, said that he was able to add 100 miles extra to the scope of the electric car in only 3 minutes.

Thanks to how young the FastCharge accommodate 450KW of energy which is equivalent to three times what can be for the Tesla Supercharge understand, although the company Tesla plans to raise the capacity of the charger Tesla Supercharger to 250KW in the year 2019. Therefore, it is supposed to help improve the charging speed by very few.

However, it should be noted that the shipper FastCharge developer by both the Porsche and the BMW is still in the prototype stage which means that it is not yet available. As all car can’t support 450KW, which means that even be promoted electric vehicles to support it, it cannot be the Kings of electric cars in most cases make full use of all this power now.


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