Popular VPN service can mines cryptocurrency Monero

Despite the fact that the rules Apple is strictly prohibited the placement in the App Store application with the mining function formally due to the fact that it may overload the processor — it turned out that there is a way to work around this limitation. It resorted developers VPN service Windscribe offer its customers a free premium subscription in exchange for access to the capacity of their devices to mine cryptocurrency Monero.

So the censors Apple has removed Windscribe from the App Store for violating the rules of placement, the creators of the service removed the mining function from the application, but added it to your website. There, among other sections, users have a completely unremarkable called Mine for upgrade. His discovery provokes the start of hashing, the result of which you can track right here, close with a slider adjust the load on the chipset.

It is noteworthy that cryptogamica is activated regardless of the device, which will be opened this tricky section. In other words, the mining will start, even if you run the page with iPhone or iPad. And as the website asks your permission to start mine, allowing you only to adjust the load on the CPU, under certain scenarios, this can have very unpleasant consequences.

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