Popular smartphone Xiaomi has broken after upgrading Android

For smartphone users on Android , the release of the next updates may be accompanied by not only joy, but also disappointment. And the last sense usually is not the lack of new features, and the emergence of problems in the health of the updated device, which suddenly begins to behave very unusual way. For example, goes in an endless reboot, as it happened with the smartphone Xiaomi Mi A2 after you install the January security update.

As reported by users of the website Reddit, they are suddenly faced with the problem of cyclic restart your Xiaomi Mi A2. In the process of installation of the January security update, whose release was just a few days ago, the machine froze at the stage on and was not able to go further than the Android logo One. Multiple attempts by the user to return the unit to life by hard reboots yielded no result, forcing him to “hang” further.

Why rebooted the smartphone

Despite the fact that since the discovery of the problem it took more than a day, Xiaomi is in no hurry to make any comment on it and even more to help collided with it. This gives every reason to think that the company themselves do not know the true reason for the endless reboots, and therefore can not give its customers a little bit of a work Council at the conclusion of smartphones. As shown, this silence can last from several hours to several weeks, until developers find a way to eliminate the failure.

How to fix the problem of cyclic reboots

If you are faced with this problem, it is strongly recommended not to perform any action for the recovery of a smartphone yourself. Much safer to wait for the official response of developers to either include the mobile service center – working there specialists guaranteed to better you know how to behave in these situations and what measures should be taken.

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