Popular app for Android from Google has got dark theme

The company Google introduced an update for the app “Android” Message. Updated the client received a number of innovations, among which are the support of “night” theme that darkens the background of the interface and brightens the text and makes user avatars from your list of chats more contrast.

Apart from the possibility of force use dark theme “Android Message” received a small redesign. For example, the designers Google has chosen to replace the blue key “+” to create a new message to its text equivalent, which acquired an elongated shape and became more noticeable.

Dark theme in Messages

Also been redesigned fonts. Thanks to this, now to interact with the app became much more comfortable. This change is especially noticeable when you activate a dark theme, which requires text-based interface elements greater clarity than light.

How to set colors in Android Messages

Unfortunately many of the updated versions of the “Android” Message disappeared the ability to customize the color of the “bubbles” that display the message of the interlocutor. This will be a great loss for some users, who thus marked operators (red — MTS, green — Megaphone).

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App: Android Message

Developer: Google LLC
Category: Communication
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 186 people

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