Poloniex starts the output GrinMW. Exchange donated bitcoins to the project Fund

Grin — oriented privacy and security of cryptocurrency, which is managed by the community. In turn, Poloniex was the first exchange where this coin calistyle. Recently in the official Twitter of crypto currency exchange announcement appeared. In accordance with him now Grin can output.

Information reported by employees of the site.

The possibility of withdrawal of Grin added successfully. We did our first monthly donation — 1.27864 BTC — @grinMW General Fund.

According to representatives of stock exchanges, listing Grin was a good thing. The project for a few months, have developed rapidly. According to the agreement, Poloniex has pledged to share the Grin with the General Fund part of the transaction fees. Has also developed a special program: 50 percent for first month and 25 over the next 11 months.

We will be happy to share monthly charges, because it seeks to maintain cryptoprocta that help to develop a fair decentralized methods for allocating tokens.

What is Grin?

Grin focuses on privacy, security, scalability, and interchangeability. Coin is based on the technology MimbleWimble, which offered the developer under the name of Tom Elvis Jedusor in July 2016. Mannet Grin, successfully launched on 15 January of the current year. The community is very warmly welcomed this project.

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The exchange Poloniex has long been famous for its interest to the promising cryptoprocta. And according to representatives, “Grin — another asset that reflects the desired commitment to the promotion and development of Cryptoprotected”.

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