Poll: would you buy 5G smartphone at the start?

Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona is around the corner, and with it we are waiting for announcements of many different mobile electronics. At the moment all the attention focused on two trends: flexible smartphones and 5G communication standard. And if the first are unlikely to be available to the mass consumer in the first place because of the price, here is the new standard connection, it looks very intriguing, promising an unprecedented data rate. But do we need all this?

What do we know today? In our wallets will fight such industry giants as LG, OnePlus and Motorola. To them, of course, joined by Samsung, only here it is not clear when this will happen — in the framework of Mobile World Congress 2019 with a mysterious version of the Galaxy S10, which will run on the new communication standard, or under another line later this year.

In addition, at first, certain 5G-smartphone will be available only to some operators in the USA to showcase their technologies and client poaching. Most smartphones will be released in 2019. And it’s good! The bad thing is that if they will remain exclusive North American operators, we are with you (and some parts of European countries) they will have to wait a very long time. A similar situation could happen with Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei. They can release their devices primarily for the Asian market and only then start to “look to the West”.

In any case, at the start of sales 5G devices will be more expensive than their predecessors. In addition, when the condition of “regional exclusivity” will develop “grey” import gadgets, which will further inflate prices. However, sooner or later a new format of communication will eventually become more widespread and we all use it, as it happened once when switching to the network of the third and fourth generation. Without a doubt, I want to get a new phone and to see the new super-fast mobile Internet. And you, dear readers, waiting for the release of smartphones with support for 5G? Will take them to start to use the new technology first, or wait for cheaper and more advanced models?

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