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The days when iPhone users were known for their love for compact, long gone. Many of those who once fought for the 3.5 inch screens now without any problems use phablets with a diagonal of 5.5 inches and not without pleasure glancing in the direction of something larger. This is not surprising, since people’s preferences can change dramatically. Another thing is that this happens not with all, and part of Apple fans still misses the time when to the top corner of the iPhone could easily reach with your thumb.

I’ll start with myself.

My first iPhone was a 4S that was purchased a few months before the release of the five. To wait indefinitely, and use smartphone want now, I decided then and went to the nearest phone store for new clothes.

the iPhone 4S and the disappointment from the purchase

Unfortunately, my happiness lasted only a couple of months because one day the iPhone 4S camera has stopped running, showing the image of the closed diaphragm. The store where you made the purchase, took the smart phone back and sent it for examination, which showed the presence of a manufacturing defect and agreed to return to the buyer, that is me money.

Glitches Android myth

The disappointment of a failed purchase wouldn’t let me buy an iPhone again, and I made a choice in favor of Android. From that moment, and that was the end of 2012, I used a smartphones from competing manufacturers and, as they say, the mustache is not blowing. Brakes, glitches and spontaneous reboot, which was threatened on the Internet, never caught me off guard, no matter what model I have not used LG Prada, Galaxy S5, LeEco Le 2.

iPhone 8 Plus is the perfect companion

At the same time I continued to regularly use your iPad, which is annually changed on the new model thanks to favorable sales last year. Because of this, I had obsessive thoughts about something I’m doing wrong and maybe I should try again.

No sooner said than done. Just in time for this new year, it was decided to buy the iPhone 8 Plus, which I use now without experiencing any of the disorders regarding your choice: slim, two-and, most importantly, a push-button device is definitely worth the money.

What about you?

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