#Poll: Waiting for the new Thunderbolt Display?

External monitors for use by many users: the owners of desktop Mac Mini, Mac Pro and more portable solutions – MacBook Pro and MacBook. All is good, if not one but – the last time Apple updated its corporate monitor in 2011. However, if you believe the rumors, Apple is already working on a new generation of Thunderbolt Display.

It is expected that an updated Thunderbolt Display will be the real uncompromising solution for professionals — the display resolution will be 6K, and the screen size is 31.6 inches. It can certainly be argued that the appearance would be changed dramatically — the monitor needs to obtain the minimal frame around the display, as well as modern high-speed Thunderbolt connector 3.

The quality of the screen is also not necessary to doubt — the sources claim that first used the new type of lighting — Mini LED that will provide “outstanding image quality”. Believe in the word — Apple has always equipped their products are the best matrices on the market.

Most likely, the new monitor will be shown together with a large update to the Mac Pro. In all likelihood, it will happen at the conference for developers WWDC 2019 in the period from 3 to 7 June 2019. It is expected that this event, like last year, will be held in San Jose, California.

Recall that Apple stopped selling the Apple Thunderbolt Display in 2016. However, later on, the company has provided users with an alternative in the form of UltraFine LG 4K and 5K. But according to user reviews, this is hardly a replacement. The monitor is made of plastic, and looks not so presentable as the Apple display.

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