Poll views reveals the decline of the intention to buy iPhone new consumers

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I’ve always had iPhones from the apple of desirable products, and to some extent still are. However, it seems that in terms of intent to purchase has diminished the numbers significantly. This is according to a study survey conducted by UBS which found that the intention to buy the iPhone reached the lowest level in five years.

According to this study which was used to poll opinions of 6900 people in five states, it found that the intention to buy iPhone New was ” low “. When it comes to United States of America, has said that only 18 percent of respondents the survey they plan to buy an iPhone new in the next 12 months, a proportion less than 21 percent that was recorded in the past year, close to 17 percent that was recorded in the month of October of the year 2015.

This also applies to China, which is one of the biggest markets for Apple, stated that 23 percent of people surveyed the poll there that they intend to buy iPhone again, this represents a decrease by 6 percent compared to last year’s numbers. According to the analyst Timothy Arcuri of institution, UBS, he has stated by saying : ” the investor’s expectations in its iPhone that was muted. According to estimates of the total iPhones in the year 2019, this represents a decline by 2 percent almost at the level of units and the growth in revenues by 1 percent “.

It seems that the poll UBS is in line with the recent statistics revealed by the foundation MixPanel, which showed that the adoption rate of phones iPhone new Apple TV is much lower compared with older models. But as we said then, it is Phone iPhone new Apple cost more money, this means that the company higher profit margins, so even if the decreased sales, the Apple TV was still able to achieve profits.


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