Poll views reveals that customers of Netflix will not leave the services of the competition any time soon


When it was announced services competition, such as +Disney +and Apple TV with cheaper rates which was imposed by the service Netflix to its customers, everyone began to feel as if Netflix will face a problem in the future. However, it turns out that recently things are not going on like this, at least that’s what suggests to a new poll of views.

According to research conducted by the foundation, Piper Jaffray, it was found that about 75 percent of the customers of Netflix who respondents said they would not abandon the service of Netflix and to +Disney or +Apple TV. According to analyst Michael Olson, has stated by saying : ” refers to the recon. to the that the majority of the participants in Netflix don’t believe the subscription in the +Disney or +Apple TV. And for those who expect to use one of these services, the vast majority also she kept the extract in the Netflix service “.

However, we must point out that this poll is relatively small, given that it was a poll the opinions of about 1500 subscribers Netflix. Entirely possible that when it is launch +Apple TV +and Disney to change things, but at the moment, still service Netflix in the safe. However, it is not surprising that the results of this poll as such.

This is because you can’t Apple TV and Disney yet to prove their existence in terms of content, so we’ll have to wait and wait just before you speak facts.

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