#Poll: do you Use third party launchers?

Why people love Android? The openness of the system, the possibility of extensive customization, a lot of features that are not available to owners of cheap devices. Gradually the difference between iOS and Android is reduced to zero. Huawei and many other manufacturers have already banned the installation of custom firmware. In addition, the company for the Chinese market has imposed restrictions on the use of third-party launchers. Many did not react to this news and considered it not very important, citing the low popularity of such software solutions.

And I, of course, agree, as I do not like third party launchers because of too low quality, but a survey among the readers to hold. What do you think? Let’s finally put an end to this issue and determine that people need a third-party launcher or not.

Please participate in the poll below:

Android’s openness is good, but always have committed to quality. Really interesting launcher in Google Play is extremely small. Niagara Launcher is probably the most high quality. Nova Launcher, launcher from Microsoft and all other similar have bad animation, ugly app icons and offer a new perspective on the interface of the system. Probably developers don’t have enough money for good designers. Even the launcher Yandex, in my opinion, are imperfect.

From this point of view iOS, of course, benefits from Android high-quality animations. How to clean Android with different launchers do not give these feelings. What surprises me most is the indifference of the people, no matter the quality of the animations. Everyone is looking at it through the sleeves, but that animation to let you know the quality of the product before you.

Of course, you don’t agree with me, but still, I think, in some ways I’m right.

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