#Poll: do you Use Siri on your Mac?

In 2011, Apple introduced the voice assistant Siri on the iPhone. A little later, the voice assistant appeared on Mac – with the advent of macOS Sierra. Despite the presence of the Russian language, Siri does not enjoy wide popularity among users – voice dictation does not always give the correct answers and the number of teams, unfortunately, quite limited.

Frankly, for all the time use macOS, I haven’t been able to find good use for Siri. Only good news is that voice dictation on the Mac has more advanced features than iPhone. Let’s look at the most useful scenarios.

Management system

With voice assistant you can manage system parameters. Quite a handy option, especially if you’re new to Mac.

Search files

Siri allows you to locate files and documents by specified criteria. For example, you can ask the team: Find all the documents last week. The voice assistant will display all the results. Sometimes this option can be extremely helpful.

Launch applications

The voice assistant can run any apps — just speak the name of the program. The main advantage of option works really fast.

Search the web

Of course, using voice assistant you can search on the Internet. You can also find pictures and drag them to the workspace application or your desktop.

Create reminders

You can ask Siri to create a quick reminder. In the task, you can specify the time and location.

Send messages and read emails

Voice assistant can show all unread email messages and read them. Also, you can dictate your own message, specifying a recipient.

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