#Poll: are You ready to change your AirPods on new noise cancelling?

AirPods wireless headphones from Apple has been incredibly popular since the release of their first generation in 2016. Now it seems that Apple is preparing another version of AirPods with a new design and new features such as active noise reduction. And you’d give up your current AirPods for the new AirPods in-ear noise cancelling? Here is something to think about.

The current generation of AirPods enjoys strong popularity

Earlier edition of Bloomberg reportedthat Apple is developing a new “premium” AirPods with noise reduction and improved water resistance. According to analysts, “premium” AirPods will not replace the current generation, and will exist in combination with the already available currently, AirPods, it is possible that they will be called AirPods Pro.

And now, just a few days ago in iOS 13.2 found the activation button noise reduction for the new AirPods. Animation in iOS 13.2 shows how users can enable or disable noise reduction via control center on your iPhone connected:

According to rumors, 3 AirPods will receive a “sports” design. Headphones will receive a special mount, which will allow users to jog or train, while not being afraid that the headphones can fall out of the ears at the most inopportune moment. Change the material of the case; Apple will use a special coating that is now used in Apple Pencil. The company will waive the glossy coating will be used in the body of matte plastic.

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The current design AirPods and how they are placed in the ears, not everyone likes and yet it is the most popular headphones in the world in its segment. AirPods Pro will probably be more versatile, and Apple will put in the package with the new earphones a few different ear cushions to fit the individual sizes of ears. AirPods first generation come in the form not all.

Design now AirPods are not much different from wired headphones Apple

Personally, I’m still very happy with the current AirPods, and I really like the design of these headphones because it allows me to walk with them for hours without sore ears. Of course, I’m intrigued by the possibility of improving the water resistance and noise reduction, but I don’t think I would like to exchange the comfort of the current AirPods on these functions. Moreover, insiders believe that AirPods 3 will be more expensive — at least 20-30 dollars. But the case supporting wireless charging to buy do not have to — it will be included in the basic package.

How about you? You have changed your AirPods on the new AirPods in-ear with active noise cancelling? Let us know in the poll below and in comments.

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