Polestar 2 is the first electric car fully contain the original version of the CES2019 Android Auto#

Released Volvo the first image of the advertising policy by the second this week. And that is the model Polestar 2 , which is the first electric car to buy Volvo. And will also be the first car contains the original version of Android Auto by Google.

It is also worth mentioning that Google Inc. has provided assistance to the car manufacturing companies in the development of infotainment systems of beforesuch as the combination of Uiat Chrysler’s Uconnect and Android Nougat – but the partnership with Volvo is portable in use Android to run the screens inside the car. Where Google wants to develop a version of the operating system inside the car does not require the use of a smartphone while driving.

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And in addition to the screens, the car will be able to walk for a distance of 300 miles before recharging again, and you will generate a motor electric of about 400 horsepower, according to the company. The car will be four-door “fastback, which means it may look like a version of the car “40.2” revealed by Volvo in the year 2016.

And you will enter the car into production later this year, which may up the price to 35, and000 $ or up to the equivalent of 50.000 USD. The company says it will have more information about the context of her second soon.


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