Poland is considered an employee of Huawei for espionage

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بولندا تعتقل أحد موظفي هواوي بتهمة التجسس

Threw the agency for the fight against trade in Poland, arrested the employees of the Chinese company Huawei, the Chinese tech giant over allegations of spying on behalf of China, according to Polish media on Friday, where he was arrested the chairman of Huawei’s sales in Poland, in addition to the employees of the Polish working group of the polish to buy French telecom Orange on Tuesday by officers from the Internal Security Agency in the country on charges of espionage, the TV channel said the Polish government TVP the Internal Security Agency searched also the House of the citizen Chinese and local offices of Huawei and the offices of the telecommunications company Orange Polska Orange Polska, The To authenticate statements and documents.

May lead the process of new belief and to deepen the debate about criticism Western to buy the industry of telecommunications equipment to China, where they say US intelligence agencies that Huawei Technologies associated with the Chinese government and that its equipment may contain back doors used by spies and government officials, without advertising for any evidence publicly, prompting the company repeatedly denied these allegations, but these concerns prompted many states and the west to consider whether to allow the use of equipment of Huawei in network communications.

She said Huawei in a statement: “We are aware of the situation and look in. We have no comment at this time,” she said, “Huawei is committed to all laws and regulations applicable in the countries in which they operate. We ask all employees to abide by the laws and regulations in the state in which our headquarters within them”, said Orange Polska in a statement that the security apparatus gather on Tuesday materials related to the position, she did not know whether the investigation is linked to the important work of the employee, and would continue to cooperate with the authorities.

The Canadian authorities have arrested in the month of December on one of the top executives at Huawei, a Meng enzyme called Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of company founder Ren Nova Ren Zhengfei, at the request of US authorities in the framework of the investigation into the alleged violations of the sanctions of the American experience, which has increased tensions with China at a time when Washington and Beijing are engaged the two in a trade war.

Said Massey graphic Asik Maciej Wasik, vice president of special services in Poland, told government news PAP: “Chinese citizens Weijing W a business man working in an electronic company Major, a well-known person in the circles associated with the business of cyber,” according to news agency PAP, citing a spokesman for the head of special services in Poland, it is supposed to be detention of the person in custody for a period of three months.

She explained TVP to a Polish citizen Piotr D was a former operative in the Internal Security Agency in Poland and served as vice president of security management of Information Technology in the agency and, as such, had access to key information, including the system of government internal network and encrypted communication of the Polish government, which are used by senior staff.

It is likely to constitute an arrest this is a new headache for the company Huawei, which are subject to audit large in the wake of the recent allies of the United States, including the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, expressed concern about the company after that appeared that they may pose a threat to national security, which led to preventing them from participating in networks 5G in Australia and New Zealand.

The gate Arab News Technical Poland considered an employee of Huawei for espionage

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