Poland Central Bank admitted in financing anticryptogamic rollers

Bankers cryptocurrency regularly accuse of all mortal sins. The most popular of them — money laundering and terrorist financing. It seems that people are not particularly scary, because the main Bank of Poland went on. Guide sponsored campaign against crypto-currencies, part of which became YouTube videos.

Cheating with cryptocurrencies everywhere

To deploy the campaign of national Bank of Poland cooperated with the networks Gamellon, Limited Google Ireland and Facebook Ireland Limited, reports Cointelegraph. For content production has allocated about 27 thousand dollars.

The program included the publication of videos on the channel Planeta Faktów with 1.5 million subscribers and popular Polish blogger Marcin Dubiel. He has 938 thousand followers, and at the time of writing noads movie has collected 512 thousand views.

In it the hero puts their life savings in cryptocurrency. Then goes to a restaurant with a girl, but can’t pay — a coin no one takes. In the end, pay for dinner girl.

At the end of the video, the authors show a graph with the course of bitcoin, which falls to zero. In the final frames we see traders who made a killing on the author and laughs a devilish laugh.

In the description of the video there is no mention of advertising. The author clearly respects his audience.

Now listen antistreptolysin statements is unclear. In theory, any replica can be paid for by the Polish Bank.

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