Poking and”could not connect to server” messages are fake.. beware of them

Trading the pioneers of the network of social networking “Facebook” publications came in Read “could not connect to the server and became a forbidden response poking please of all the friends the speed of the comment posters” which prompts their friends need to reply poking them or comment on the publication them some of the posters, which has spread dramatically among the A lot of users on the network “Facebook”.


But in fact this is completely wrong, as I didn’t know “Facebook” is officially on the wrong board or problem you might be facing its users, as well as the forums, technical support sites specialized in the discovery and follow-breakdowns “Facebook” did not disclose the discovery of any malfunction of the social network, but it seems that this is just a campaign of fake has been launched to deceive the users of Facebook.

It should be noted that there is no relationship between the Prohibition of the account and jokes, as bearing down what is a way to alert friends and refer them, as to the comment posters not lead to the occurrence of anything relating to Facebook or decoding prohibition or other things that have been promoted on the social network.

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