PocketVision a new application of the Honor depends on the artificial intelligence

Presented the Honor at the events of IFA new application aimed at the visually impaired is defined the application of PocketVision, which depends in its work on the technology of artificial intelligence, comes to support the users in reading the text.

Revealed Honor at the IFA for the choice of new colors available for Honor 20 Pro, as announced markets that will apply to H Honor Band 5 Smart, also revealed the company from the application of new intelligent comes to support the users of the visually impaired in particular.

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It concerns the new application of the Honor entitled PocketVision where dressed in his work on the technology of the camera that come and quality in a series of phones Honor 20 with the technique of artificial intelligence, it is estimated that this application supports users in reading the text in different documents, or in the menus or any text files.

And Honor in the application of PocketVision three patterns now to read text, of which the pattern of repeat texts, the pattern of the last search for images, while the second mode to support the user in reference to the part of the text to be read by the voice in the app.

Supports the feature reference to the text to be read phonetically through the application of each of English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and also German, as the app uses the platform HiAI and visual perception of things in the photo to convert images into texts.

While the pattern of zoom in the application PocketVision to use the camera strictly main 48 mega pixel camera in phones Honor 20 with the sensor 8 mega pixel camera lenses telephoto to enlarge text using the control button in the audio to the user’s text size bigger explained.

Also supports the second mode users a wide range of filters that can work to purify and clarify the images efficiently, it is working on improving color contrast and clarity of text.

Recall that the application PocketVision is now available in the AppGallery from Huawei, it can be achievable that supports both phones and Honor, only to be characteristic of the app will appear with the highest efficiency with series phones Honor 20.


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