“Pocket Monkii”.. your ride alternative to the gym in your pocket

Try to ask yourself: why can’t I attend the gym?! and, the The answer probably won’t get out of: time does not allow.. my budget does not allow.. the gym has become crowded and intolerable.. I’m lazy!

Now, with a “Phuket Monk” Pocket Monkii, you can perform the exercises your physical fitness at any time, any place, without the need to go to the gym, and without any special equipment, so a “Phuket Monk,” a small size large area gives you that.

The “Phuket Monk,” a device that you can carry it in your pocket or your suitcase, which is a laces and sports that you can run through it as most of the devices in the gym, you can be exercised with push-ups and exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs and torso, just across install laces in any door or piece of furniture near you.

Freedom to innovative “Phuket monk” to provide a smart application and explain you how to do any exercise using the device of their innovative, interest physical, and the number of times needed to do to get the benefit of exercise in full.

Successfully funding campaign “Phuket monk” in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is scheduled to ship the product to ISIS. by next November at a starting price of $ 99 (1,800 pounds).

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