Plugin Google Voice Assistant will be available in Arabic this year!

Audio plugin the personal Google Assistant will be available this year with several new languages, among them Arabic language, as announced by Google officially launched during a technical conference held in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

المساعد الصوتي Google Assistant سيتوفر باللغة العربية هذا العام!

Plugin Google Voice Assistant will be available in Arabic this year!

Google also announced that voice assistant Google Assistant will be up to 38 new countries, among them Saudi Arabia and Russia and Italy and Sweden and others, and this will be the launch of local language of that State means the coming of the Arabic language among them.

Not challenge Google a specific date for it, but it probably may be disclosed to conference by a private developer in the month of May in conjunction with the announcement of the ninth release of the new Android.

Google Assistant in Arabic may also be available for the rest of the Arab users who use it on their devices, or will be launched gradually after provided first within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

And Google hopes to increase the popularity of the plugin the Google Voice Assistant, which may push sales of its device smart home Google Home temples mainly on voice commands. Recall that Google had earlier provided the Google Assistant also on tablet devices and smart phones working with versions of Android older.

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