Playstation 4 was a best-selling games in the United States during the past month

Playstation 4 pro

I guarantee your Playstation 4 to perform well since its launch several years ago, and continues to provide good performance to now. And, apparently, contributed to some of the games like Spider Man in promoting the popularity of this device. Revealed report of the new foundation, The NPD Group, specialized in market research that the Playstation 4 was a gaming device home best-selling in the United States during the past month.

The report states that the game of Spider Man New was also the best-selling game in the month of September. I had a Sony, a special version of the Playstation 4 Pro has been painted in colors inspired by the character Spider-Man. There is no doubt that they sold a number of units of this version. On this subject, stated Mr. Mat Piscatella Foundation, The NPD Group said : ” made Playstation 4 the highest sales in the month of September since the launch of this device in 2014 “.

Thus becoming the Sony is able to increase the sales of the Playstation 4 this year to go further. He’s already the best-selling device in the United States this year, was September a good month to another device.

Xbox One from Microsoft is doing well is the other. Said Mat Piscatella : ” grew sales of the Xbox in the month of September by more than 30 percent compared with last year, an increase from 60 percent a year from now “.


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