PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One 5 years later. Who made the right choice

Five years ago, in 2013, was submitted by the game console, the PlayStation 4 from Sony and Xbox One from Microsoft. Then choose between the two modern consoles it was very difficult. Flour faced video gamers repeatedly became an occasion for discussion and jokes on the Internet and popular TV shows. Today, five years later, we can look at the situation differently.

Who made the right choice? By the way, both consoles are still relevant, and if I had to choose between them today, what choice to make? Will reply to these questions.


According to this indicator, the console is not different. You can purchase the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for about the same cost. The difference in price more advanced versions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Pro X can also be neglected. At this stage, the choice remains as obvious as it was five years ago.


Time has shown that the number of available games win PlayStation 4. On this console was released more games. Today, PlayStation owners can play the game series Uncharted, The Last of Us and Bloodborne. More games that will be available to Xbox users, expect its release. Of course, many popular designs are available and those and others, but it is worth considering that on the console from Sony, you will be able to get more.


Services from Sony and Microsoft are virtually identical. They offer multiplayer and free games with the subscription. The subscription price is no different. There are differences in streaming services. PlayStation Now offers the opportunity to play in more than 650 games available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. You can use a PlayStation 4 or PC. At the same time Pass Game from Microsoft offers over 100 games from the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The cost of the service is two times lower and at the same time, Microsoft allows you to play the latest games from the company immediately after their release.


The big advantage of the Xbox One is compatible with a huge list of games for the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox. Sony so can not boast. Compatibility was added after the launch of the Xbox One and is a big plus in favor of the console from Microsoft. The company has made it clear that she is selling a gaming service, not iron. This approach aims for the future.


Controllers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are equally good. Games created with the features of these controllers, gaming devices useless. It is impossible to determine the winner like 5 years ago, and now.

Other devices

It is worth noting that the PlayStation 4 you can connect a headset of virtual reality. It will have to pay, but the opportunity was there. Xbox One users are deprived of it. Not to say that this is the best VR, but the technology is still evolving. Otherwise, both consoles can work with camera and controllers that track motion.


If you own a PlayStation 4, there could be no question of cross-platform games. In Microsoft treat this with great enthusiasm, but games that can be played on different devices, including Xbox One, not so much. There’s Minecraft, but this is not a serious argument. Anyway, plus get the Xbox One.


Strange, but for five years has not become any easier to identify the winner in this battle. Sony still has a number of exclusive games, but Xbox all the rest. The baggage Sony has added virtual reality headset, and the Xbox has got the compatibility with old games and a great subscription. Unfortunately, we were again forced to leave the decision to the user.

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