PlayStation 4 becomes the second highest organ-selling games in history

Sony revealed its financial results for the fiscal second quarter one of the most important figures announced by the company concerning sales of the PlayStation 4, which amounted in total until today 102.8 million copies means they miss out on the first generation of PlayStation launched by the company.

Sony has announced plans by the threshold of 100 million sold copies of the PS4 three months ago, in the last quarter achieved sales of 2.8 million additional copies.

Thus, Sony put itself in the first place superior to competitors ‘ devices and leading then like a Sega Saturn وNintendo 64.

Given the history of games consoles the PlayStation 2 was the top-selling, with a total of 155 million copies, ie, there is still more area in front of the Fourth Army to reach it, or that the PlayStation 5 will have launched by then?.

Recall that the second highest organs of the best selling games in history was Wii of Nintendo having sold them 101.6 million devices, but now the PlayStation 4 has broken this dance for him.

In terms of financial results the revenue of Sony of games fell 17% as well as profit of the sector fell 28% what shows that the life cycle of the PS4 has become in its final stages before the launch of PS5 in the holiday season the next year.

As the companies extend the life of its devices as much as possible, the more exclusive will be available soon on the PS4 like The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding.

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