PlayStation 4 become the second best platform games selling at all

Become a PlayStation 4 from the Japanese company Sony is the second best platform games selling at all, so that sales have exceeded its sales of the PlayStation original amounting to 102.5 million units.

Sony said as part of the report of its earnings for the third quarter: it sold 2.8 million PlayStation 4 between July and September (including a PlayStation 4 Pro), in addition to 100 million devices recorded in the last quarter.

Became the total sales of the PlayStation 4 is now 102.8 million devices, i.e. slightly higher than the sales platform PlayStation original, but they are unlikely to reach these figures to the total sales of PlayStation 2 of $ 155 million device.

It offers the decline in the sales figures of the product they have come to an end, so I didn’t fall appliance sales, but also decreased gaming revenues and profits as a whole grew by 17 percent and 35 percent respectively through 2018.

Sony expects to be PS4 sales for the year 2019 is less than I expected originally, with 1.5 million devices, which made them reduce the forecast hardware sales of the PS4 for the current fiscal year to 13.5 million devices.

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It might also not be sales season vacations are also great compared to last year, keeping in mind that Sony has announced that the PlayStation 5 will be released with solutions for birthday the end of 2020.

It may take many wishing to get on the platform of the new games for PS4 this year waiting for the PlayStation 5, with them, instead, to buy more PS4 games, because it will be compatible with the new gaming platform.

There are a number of exclusive games main coming to the PS4 platform, like The Last of Us Part II; and the Ghost of Tsushima; and Death Stranding; and Shenmue III.

Recall that the PS4 platform has achieved tremendous success, and outperformed its sales much on the sales of its competitors, such as Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64, they also exceeded in this quarter sales of the Wii from Nintendo of $ 101.6 million.

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