Players PUBG and Fortnite are facing problems with iOS 13

Witness the users of the games (PUBG Mobile) and (Fortnite) games experience annoying since the start of the arrival of the update (iOS 13), which bring a nod of the long narrow three fingers of the toolbar which affects the gameplay experience.

Often require Games (Battle Royale) fighting more than two fingers to play the game, nutation new article with update (iOS) affect the game.

Dissemination many of the users screen shots to show new toolbar pop-up within the game in the top of the screen, has endorsed the game (PUBG Mobile) with the problem already.

And the developers of apps and games, including (Fortnite) and (PUBG) and the addresses of the other players install the update (iOS 13) due to the presence of an error in a nod to pressure long with three fingers.

Affect nod edit the text on the way to play, despite the lack of text fields visible, pushing the game (PUBG Mobile) to display the warning message popup within the game confirm that the developers are aware of this problem.

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And warning: We are aware of the problem when upgrade the players to the new version of the operating system (iOS), where the leads touch the screen with three fingers to run the job within the operating system and the province of the game.

He added the caveat “we have raised the problem already with the Apple TV, we will continue to work with them to solve the problem, we suggest to players who are playing the game with three fingers or more that they don’t want to upgrade to the latest version of (iOS) until the problem is solved”.

He claims some of the players that the demo version of (iOS 13.1) has a solution to the problem, it is assumed that up this update on September 24.

Given that there is no way for users to disable the gestures, so the only option is to wait until 24 September, when Apple update (iOS 13.1). While the recommended developers (PUBG Mobile) players update to the demo version (iOS 13.1) to avoid the problem.

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