Playboy sued for GBT. The company did not share tokens and blockchain-based platform

In March, Playboy TV announced plans to begin accepting the cryptocurrency. Guide channel when the famous men’s magazine promised to create a cryptocurrency wallet, which you can use to pay for a subscription. Partner of the project was to perform a blockchain-Global Blockchain Technologies (GBT).

The cooperation has ended before the beginning — now Playboy has filed a lawsuit to GBT on charges of breach of contract and fraud. The reason for the complaints was a fake blockchain network, which the company built the website Playboy TV. This writes AMB Crypto.

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The lawsuit was filed in the superior court of Los Angeles. The document States that the main task of GBT was to integrate the blockchain platform on the website Playboy TV and token issuance Vice Industy (VIT), which was supposed to be payment a unit on the adult site.

In fact, GBT has created a fake blockchain network and are unable to set the access token VIT, said in a statement. In addition, the project has not paid 4 million dollars, which was also part of the agreement.

VIT is already working with several portals for adults, among which DDBusty, StormyDaniels, AnalX and Tube8. The company allows customers to pay using cryptocurrency.

The head VIT Stuart Duncan said that “very disappointed by the decision of Playboy”. According to him, the company is considering to come out with a counter claim against the adult website because it gave tokens of Playboy for several million dollars without getting anything in return.

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