Platform Zadie industry provided the content of the cart to see integrated in many disciplines

منصة زادي توفر صناعة محتوى عربي برؤية متكاملة في العديد من التخصصات

Need to the content of my book is crafted with a high degree of precision by the efficiency depends of the basics of the emergence of any kind of business nature, promotion of the website, but provided that the crew specialist is able to provide professional service with high efficiency is difficult especially on the rodeo business beginners and small enterprises; to fill this gap created a platform pack to include solutions for these parameters as cross-founder of the angel; by providing a professional service cart integrated coverage of categories and a lot of the Nature editorial on the high degree of responsibility, Taking into account the cost to the client compared with ad agencies specialized in the provision of the trust factor which is essential in this area to bridge the gap between the advertiser and the client.

And platform store services via a crew translator is a high efficiency care to the issuance of the final work submitted to the client in a fit and the type of Target groups from behind him; whether for marketing purposes is purely which is the content specialist shops, electronic or written blogs and articles websites and web pages geared to customers of various disciplines, taking into account into account to facilitate ways to search and access the content during Content Writing.

Was in the deepest what you can do Platform store, can be divided for several areas of come by her blog writing , which means to submit written content accurate and appropriate for the type of company or project the target group of the behind him to bring the interested, taking into account the appearance of the article written in the first search results in the area.

Description of the goods and products and services which is indispensable in any business or service My where play Words play an important role in coaxing the consumer age, where do you think Zadie submit the luster of high in the purpose and to the owner of the goods or service and brings the customer through a perfect description covers all aspects with a successful outcome by facilitating access to the organization through search engines.

Writing content for web pages and landing pages where the platform Zadie herself as a professional in this area via the staff which is well aware of the magic use of words in the issuance of special content in this particular area, which is based on the method of attracting the reader and having to deal with landing pages (Landing Pages) in particular.

Translation services in a professional manner which provides the product to translate from English to Arabic in a professional manner to avoid workers falling in the mud of a bad translation and misunderstanding of the content; and which is in some cases a big deal and a mistake is unforgivable, especially when exposed to the soil, among other things sensitive for example, documents, documents, which controlled Team Store, high precision.

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