Platform “win” you get an initial investment from a company 500 Startups

منصة "اكسب" تحصل على استثمار أولي من شركة 500 Startups

Managed platform games fantasy The leading daily in the Middle East and North Africa, the GCC, break, from getting an initial investment from a company 500 Startups specializing in investment projects emerging around the world.

And earn they seek to be platform games fantasy The leading in the region and to exploit the presence of the cup of African Nations soccer tournament hosted by Egypt for the first time since more than a decade to take advantage of the popularity of the game in providing different games on smart phones.

Commented, said Ali Mahmoud, the company’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Expo: “we live in a region obsessed with football. I remember my going out to distribute leaflets, in the day that I got Egypt to the World Cup. People were vying for the bulletins Expo, which included the image of the region of interest. It was a moment of enthusiasm is crucial to US, has taught us that we put our hand on something special”.

He added: “It will take a lot of work to access the powerful and comprehensive all the modern before the World Cup 2022. We cannot find the timing better to establish a partnership with one of the most prominent investors in the world.”

In turn, said Sheriff Nomad, a partner in the firm 500 Startups, said that the company followed the sector for many months, and raised the achievements that were able to earn to achieve admiration, said: “the focus of the group break heavily on the experience of the user and with users daily to ensure offering the best platforms participatory. We believe we can provide substantial support to break through our investment”.

Welcomes the break in the advantage of having more than one million soccer fans in the Middle East and North Africa to make the matches more exciting by providing the application allows them to predict the matches all over the world and achieve points based on their predictions, and then they’ll be able to won many awards.

And Ali Mahmoud, said: “Now is the times more interesting to watch soccer in the Middle East and Africa. We are planning to take advantage of the growing interest and participation and spending on professional football in the region, we are extremely fortunate to be able to enter into this partnership with 500 Startups”.

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