Platform N to announce a partnership with eBay to sell goods available on the US app store in the

منصة نون تعلن عن شراكة مع eBay لبيع السلع المتوفر على المتجر الأمريكي في المنطقة

Signed platform n for electronic commerce contract of purchase with the shop eBay us allows the sale of products available on eBay in the Gulf region, namely in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Considers the platform n of the strongest e-commerce platforms in the Middle East, serving in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and comes as a result of investment of investment bank Saudi promised investors GCC known. In store displays eBay as one of the biggest online stores in the world offers its services primarily in the United States and relatively less in other states.

It has US app store millions of products U.S. and non-U.S. sold them within a specified range away from the Gulf, but under this Agreement the Saudis and the husband will be able to buy anything they saw on the US app store and will them to the door of the house across the platform n, knowing that all products will be available on the product which means that your purchase will be through them.

Said Mohamed alabbar Director-founder of N that the product works the product arrived with the market of electronic commerce the world through this partnership.

Good news too for the millions of users who want to buy a different power of gas available in the Arab region.


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