Platform message service launches gift cards digital

منصة رسال تطلق خدمة بطاقات الهدايا الرقمية

The company launched the letter, specialized services, gift service, gift cards, digital e-Gift Card that allows users to send special cards shops, electronic and social networks, and other sites of well-known services that require payment for some services.

He explained the co-founder of the messenger (hatim full) to this step is to achieve one of the objectives of the message in harnessing technology and innovation to change the experience of gifting and improve communication between people in an easy way and help them to express their feelings, dedication of love cute and fun.

He also stressed that this step comes within the roadmap has been put in the message strategically initiated by the company roses only in the city of Jeddah as a first step, before stopping in the gift and gradually down to 25 cities in Saudi Arabia and more than 175 type of gifts.

The move of the company to increase its expansion in the market of digital gifts and the exploitation of the great development in this area, in particular electronic cards that will give the opportunity to the public of the Saudi purchase and cards to follow; such as Amazon, Sony, Xbox, Netflix, iTunes, Nintendo, and others with ease.

It was a message have launched in 2016 in a pilot in Jeddah, before you can get access to 25 Saudi city, and has culminated that success growth of 147% in the first half of 2018. And later access to more than 100 cities around the world gradually.

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