Platform “LOL”, the last attempts of Facebook to attract teenagers

Based on the site of Facebook to a newer version the product affiliate, which is dubbed the “LOL”, which also reveals the name of Health and comic smileys, in the form of knowledge بالـmemes, hoping to attract teenagers.

The platform LOL

A new move by the popular social media site Facebook, in order to attract more teenagers with the decline in their numbers among the pioneers of the site, as they are represented in the platform name LOL, choose whatever is funny and cynical on the social networks.

Works Facebook is currently putting on frills the last for the comedy, which will determine the patrons 3 Tests after watching every publication to express their views, is “funny” and “good” and “not funny”, is to choose that region at the present time of the side of the 100 students chosen by the management of the site, in order to detect defects that require amendment before the appearance of the product to the public.

It is worth mentioning that the last polls of the interaction of young people with social networking sites, which was carried out by “Piper Jaffray”, and found that only 5% of teens chose Facebook as a platform to continue their preferred, preferred about 80% of teenagers, Instagram and Snapchat.

Perspective shape

At the time, which is where Facebook makes the spirit of fun on this new platform, confirms some who saw the external form for the LOL, in comments to TechCrunch the famous, the region lacks development in terms of design, note that The Shape of the phenomenon until now will not be final in any case.

Compare also between the Facebook platform The Witch, and the feature “Discover feed” which is characterized by the location of Snapchat, where it’s supposed to contain LOL on the section carries the name “Dailies”, it seems that its content will be very similar in intersection which collects Snapchat feature Discover, the platform enables LOL to patrons classification feature content the definition of exclusive words such as dumps, Falls, famous, savages.

Some suggest that the Facebook platform ahead will become a formal alternative for the tab “Watch”, but that the management of the site itself did not specify to now, if the house be included as one of the parts of the application, or will a separate application in itself.

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