Platform arcade educational end 2018 provision of 425 decision and 2.9 million registered

منصة رواق التعليمية تنهي عام 2018 بتوفير 425 مقرر وتصل 2.9 مليون تسجيل

Ended the year 2018 was through his platform arcade educational and a lot of success, the organization that was founded in 2013 access to 2.9 million recorded on the website by providing a large number of courses and educational and useful in different walks of life.

The platform provides a gallery of more than 425 scheduled is different in a number of areas, 140 of which have been added during the past year, 2018, has contributed to those courses attracting 2.9 million recorded on the area was 800 thousand registered through 2018.

It is worth mentioning that the students of arcade watched 52.3 billion minutes of lectures available on the region, the share of 2018 of 15 million accurate and complete greater than the world beyond the viewing of 21%.

As to the distribution of the ratio of registered by the to 67% of students and 33% of female students, and focused the majority of them among young people from 18 to 32 years and 82%. Came to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked first with a registered rate of 48%, followed by the Arab Republic of Egypt by 15%, while the proportion of the rest of the countries combined 37%.

And is Platform Gallery’s first learning platform cart system MOOC education online aims to submit the material Academy free in Arabic in various fields and disciplines, by academics insurgents from across the Arab world, where the nationalities of more than 14 Arab countries, including more than 110 PhD.

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