Plates digital license will enter the test phase in Dubai next month


What if the license plate you are able to contact emergency services in case of an accident? This is exactly what can you do license plates digital that will start to deal in the Emirate of Dubai during the next month. Not only that, you’ll be able to plates digital license in the Emirate of Dubai also communicate with other cars to provide updates about traffic situations and even view the alerts if stolen plate or car is the vehicle.

Start of the Dubai test system plates digital license in the next month and will know in particular whether the hot climate in the emirate will cause any technical problems. It will also help test the Emirate of Dubai to discover a better way to put the license plates digital to all residents in the future.

Will take my plates and digital license of the above. So they will deduct the fee for parking from users, and will be charged fines and the costs of the color registration automatically from their accounts.

They may pass some of their concerns about privacy given that these paintings will be fitted with Global Positioning System GPS transmitters. It remains to be seen whether these concerns will be addressed in the tests next month or not. The roads and transport authority in Dubai after as this will be the color of the smart digital.


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