Plate Swift you support coloring the navigation bar based on background color of the keyboard

لوحة سويفتكي تدعم تلوين شريط التنقل بناءً على لون خلفية المفاتيح

A lot of deal with panel Gboard default of Google, but there is still a lot love to use some of the consoles third-party, on top of these panel paintings Swift you “SwiftKey,” which is the most powerful rival for Google, now generally in the updated demo of the plate, supports Swift you coloring the navigation bar based on the colors of the keys.

This coloring is applied automatically, but you first have to go to Settings panel and activate the customization from there, in addition the re-introduction of the characters is secondary when you use incognito, and make the watermark more transparent.

Finally this update, as we have indicated previously available in the demo version of the painting on the shop Google Play to update it go from here, of course, during a few days will be released officially for all users, and specifically on the main version of the painting.

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